Wednesday, August 18, 2004


CNN Continues to Mislead the Public

Inside Politics, hosted by Candy Crowley today gave the following information. "A new showdown state poll leads the headlines in "Campaign News Daily." The latest survey finds John Kerry holding on to his edge over George W. Bush in Pennsylvania. According to a Quinnipiac University poll, Kerry has 48 percent, Bush received 43 percent. Kerry held a 7-point lead over Bush in a poll taken in early July." What they fail to tell you is that the poll is based on 1,430 Pennsylvania registered voters.
On Wolf Blitzer Reports today, Paula Zahn gave the results of a new CNN/Gallup poll for Ohio. "The poll found John Kerry leading President George Bush 52 percent to 42 percent among registered voters in Ohio. And when the Gallup organization attempted to calculate which of those voters would actually end up casting ballots if the election were held today, it is a different set of number. The results narrowed to Kerry to 48 percent and Bush to 46 percent, a two-point lead for Kerry along likely voters." Unfortunately the CNN or Gallup websites provide no information on the sample size.The same information was repeated by Lou Dobbs and other CNN personalities. It has been over a month since we contacted the FCC and Media Watchdog groups and to date only Comcast has responded. I like to suggest a new tactic. Send an email directly to CNN asking them not to corrupt the political process in our country and to report sample sizes with their poll results. The majority of Americans should not be unduely influenced by the opinions of several thousand. They should decide the issues for themselves.

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